31. Mai 2012 |

Report from the Inauguration of the Carpentry Class Room, Kylemore

Imbali Western Cape is privileged to report that, in an effort to equip learners and young student school leavers in the Dwarsriver Valley with skills and employment potential, the Carpentry Class Room at the Kylemore High School was officially inaugurated on the 18th April! The first twenty-two Grade 8 students have been enrolled and the facility will provide them with basic formal training in carpentry, reinforced with theoretical knowledge and practical on the job training.

At the opening function Graig Brown, Chairman of the School’s Governing Body, told guests that the carpentry training facility was a dream that he never thought would be realised. He said that “Many people in this valley do not have access to tertiary education, some are academically challenged and there seems to be a stigma attached to pupils who are not engaged in higher education. The focus is on young people becoming doctors, lawyers, accountants and little attention is given to those that are skilled in doing practical work. Now we can offer pupils basic formal training in order to raise the quality of skills in the industry and increase the employment possibility of young people”.

He went on to say that “The aim of the project is to establish a world class carpentry environment which, with the support of role players, can become a high level initiative. The facility aims to alleviate poverty, create opportunities, improve the standard of carpentry in the work place and instil hope and work ethic. This project is an inclusive initiative and we want it to benefit all disadvantaged communities in the area”.

Imbali wishes to thank our sponsors for their relentless support and for their funding that made a dream come true for the people living in this little rural village – and who took the time and made the effort to share this auspicious occasion with us!


Autor: Jeanne Bestbier-Bloch, Imbali Coordinator
Photos by Wendell Lawrence (Riviernuus)
May 2012