7. August 2012 |

iThemba News June-August 2012



Tennis training – June 2012








The Grade R children are really excelling in their tennis training with Ingrid. They have progressed to training with a net and we were amazed at some of the raw talent that we have here. Pictured here are the children and Ingrid doing different exercises. Ingrid has selected six children who shows the most potential to receive more intense training during the school holidays.

Back to school – July 2012

Most of our children were happy to be back after the long school break. Our youngest class have received their new school tracksuits and they look so  beautiful in them. Speech and Drama resumed after a four week break. Thanks to Ingrid for spending extra time during the school holidays with William, Athule, and Mukangala to work on their balls skill. The boys have really excelled in their game and are now able to play a short game of tennis with the net. We are so proud of them. The children loved the attention and gifts that the Asda Merchant visitors gave them. Nangi, Sue-ellen and their children made the most of the warm weather by spending their story time in the garden.


Winter activities – August 2012

Because of the cold weather this morning the teachers decided to form a long train with the children in the garden in order to keep them warm and have fun at the same time.




Our speech and drama children are practising for a play that they will be presenting to their parents later this year. Here are a few pictures of the mixed group of different schools with their drama teacher.