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Establishing a professional network to support special schools in enhancing their professional capacity

Dear friends,

I am very happy to share with you my observation from my nearest project visiting.
The project on Establishing a professional network to support special schools in enhancing their professional capacity which CSIEPD is implementing is going to an end when the last two activities were just finished.

From June 3rd to June 5th, 30 teachers from the four special schools of District 6, Can Thanh, Rang Dong and Cu Chi gathered at CSIEPD to participate in training which enabled them to conduct appropriate assessment on the students in order to provide good early intervention and to provide adequate consultation to parents. As there were two types of disabilities that these participants were dealing with, they were divided into two groups – one group who worked with children with development delay and one group who worked with children with hearing impairment.

The participants gained knowledge and skills on how to work with children and parents; the group of teachers who worked with children with hearing impairment specially learnt a lot from the experience of the trainer.

During the training course, there were some observations that the WWO manager had which was that:

  • The assessment skill which was provided to the participants during the training was normally used to give early intervention to little children while most participants were dealing with older children. Therefore, the participants were confused and did not find it very useful for their current work;
  • Participants learnt how to provide consultations to parents. Nevertheless, at the present, in their real work, most teachers did not have time for discussing with parents as they had to care too many children. Thus the application of this acquired knowledge and skills could likely be not very high;
  • The WWO manager found that the provision of this training session was a good opportunity for teachers from special schools to enrich their knowledge and skills in working with children with disabilities. However, a better design of training content and better identification of participants would make the training course more effective.


Discussions during the workshop

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Many thanks and warm regards, Do Thi Hien.


Explaining concepts to be able to assess students